Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How do I open these PSD files from your site?
A. All files are in PSD format, which is compatible with Adobe Photoshop.


Q. I downloaded one of your PSDs but it’s a .zip?
A. PSD downloads will be placed in a single .zip file. Double-click .zip file or extract before opening in your Photoshop.


Q. I’m having errors with .zip file? 
A. There are several reasons why you may be shown errors when trying to open a .zip file. The most common reason is that the file has become corrupted due to incomplete downloadEach of our templates are fully layered, high resolution & print-ready Photoshop PSD files. This means they are very large documents and therefore the downloadable .zip can be in excess of 100mb.

Depending on your internet connection, some templates may take a few minutes to download. If during download there is an interruption in your connection, the .zip file may fail to download fully and therefore become corrupted.

How to fix .zip errors

  1. Delete the .zip you’re receiving errors with
  2. Clear your web browser’s cache of stored files
  3. Minimise internet activity to ensure as strong a connection as possible
  4. Download your file one by one.
Q. How can I use the templates on 
A. For only commercial  and personal use. You may not resell PSD files or redistribute any of the artwork from this site. If you want to become an affiliate and earn money contact us.